St Bartholomew's CE Primary

Considerate, Co-operative, Confident

Access and Security

The safety and security of our school community is vitally important to us.  Normally, there is only the main entrance but for short periods to ease congestion around drop-off and pick-up times, we open the pedestrian entrance on Hallfold.  All outer classroom doors are locked when this gate is open for this short period before dropping off and picking up.

Vehicles should only enter the school grounds if visiting.  Lancashire County Council regulations state that the school drive is for staff, deliveries and emergency services only.  For the health and safety of the children and staff all other vehicles including parents/carers are forbidden to enter school grounds except by prior arrangement.

For parents bringing children by car please give consideration to local residents when parking. There is a large area next to the United Reform Church on Hall Street.

Parents coming into the building at times other than the start or end of the day should do so using the main entrance and call at the school office.

There is a crossing patrol person on duty at the corner of Hallfold and Hall Street from 8.25am - 9.05am and 3.10pm - 3.45pm. Wherever possible we would encourage you and your child to travel to school on foot.

For the safety and well-being of our children, dogs are not allowed in the school grounds and smoking is not permitted in the grounds or building.


We seek your co-operation in caring for the school, which is protected by a security system. However, if you see acts of vandalism etc. it would be appreciated if you could contact the local Police by ringing 101 and ask for Lancashire Police Service.

 Lancashire County Council regulations state that no unauthorised persons are allowed in the grounds or building. When school is not in session this includes our own pupils who should not use the school grounds.


We operate a monitoring CCTV system that covers the whole of the area around school.  This system is recording continually and footage will be passed on to the police or appropriate body following any incidents.