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Considerate, Co-operative, Confident

Art and Design Curriculum Page

Our School Vision: Our goal is to produce members of society who are Considerate to everyone they meet, who have a Co-operative approach to life and who are Confident in each other and in themselves to strive for the very best that they can be.

We aim to achieve this by using Christian values as our guide and helping them to grow within a caring and inclusive community

How Art and Design fits into the vision: Through Art and Design, we aim to afford our pupils the knowledge and skills to experiment with, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. We value the process of Art and Design as much as the outcome and we endevour to instil this appreciation in our children and to help develop their confidence and curiousity.

Our Art and Design Subject Leader: Hello, my name is Miss Kitchin, I lead Art and Design and I am passionate about developing artistic skills in young people. I want our children to develop a sense of individual creativity and self-expression, whilst developing their spiritual, social, moral and cultural understanding. 

Our Art and Design Curriculum: From November 2022 we have been using the Kapow Art scheme of work. This is an exciting and fun scheme which reflects a clear progression of skills.

Children develop their creativity and imagination through a range of activities. They learn to investigate materials and control tools. They learn new techniques with colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. They develop their skills in drawing, painting and sculpture, using sketchbooks to collect record and evaluate their ideas. The children also learn about great craftsmen, artists and designers. There is an opportunity to evaluate work where the children can critique their own work and that of others.

Our Art and Design Intent: Our Art curriculum provides opportunities to develop and extend knowledge and skills but also an opportunity to express individual thought, ideas and interests.It allows pupil’s time to experiment, create and invent their own works of Art. It develops a pupil's ability to think critically. Children learn how Art and Design both reflect and shape our history, contributing to the culture and creativity of our
nation but also about artists and craftspeople from around the world.

Art and Design Skills: Click below to see the Art and Design skills expected for each key stage

KS1      LKS2     UKS2

Art and Design Knowledge Organisers: Click here to see our Knowledge Organisers for each of the Art and Design units taught within year groups

Yearly Overview

Year 2 are using paint to explore texture and pattern.

They will use these skills to create a collage by arranging materials for effect.

Year 6 are analysing how art can explore the concept of self.

They are cutting out shapes that sybolise something about themselves and will use these to create a sculpture in future lessons.