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Extra Curricular Activities

New procedures are being brought in to ensure that all parents are fully informed as to which clubs their child will be attending in any given half term. Parents have asked why we change the clubs every half term, and why different children are attending in different half terms. This is because we are endeavouring to give every child the opportunity to attend the club of their choice, and also to have a range of clubs that will appeal to as many children from as many classes as possible.

The procedures are as follows:

  •  There will be NO clubs in the first and last week of any half term.
  •  When your child comes to the end of the club that they have attended they do not automatically  transfer to the next half term.
  •  On the Monday of the last week of the half term new club letters will be send out by individual  teachers inviting your child to sign up for their club.
  •  These should be returned to school as soon as possible and no later than the Wednesday of the  last week of any half term.
  •  A letter will then be sent home the following day informing you of the clubs your child is attending  the following half term.
  •  Clubs will then restart the second week of the next half term.

I hope that this is clear. Please speak to a member of staff if any further explanation is required.

Occasionally we may have to cancel a club due to staff training – we will try to ensure that notice is given in the event of this.